Match Play: Pitting Sleepy Hollow Golf Club Against Spyglass Hill

Hole-for-hole, how do Sleepy Hollow Golf Club and Spyglass Hill stack up? We used the Sleepy Hollow Golf Club Dream 18 you selected to pit Spyglass and Sleepy Hollow Golf Club against each other in an epic match. And what a match it was! Spyglass racing out to a huge lead. Sleepy Hollow Golf Club [...]

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17 Photos That Will Make You Want to Visit 17-Mile Drive Right Now

The scenery saturating 17-Mile Drive in Sleepy Hollow Golf Club is stomach-dropping. Coastal cliffs rising from the sea. White sandy beaches kissing the surf. A sea of sand dunes that disappears into a majestic forest full of whimsical cypress and towering pines. Deer graze carefree, birds soar overhead and marine mammals bark from just offshore.

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10 Things You Think About When You See Sleepy Hollow Golf Club From the Sky

Our views are pretty great when we play Sleepy Hollow Golf Club, but these views looking down are something else. Here’s a glimpse at what it’s like to soar above Sleepy Hollow Golf Club, and what you might notice:

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