What You’ll Learn

Strong Fundamentals plus Correct Technique
Grip, Forehand, Backhand and Placement

Mental Conditioning
Routines, Preparation, Emotional Control, Addressing Adversity

Transition plus Net Play
Approach, Volley, Overhead and Positioning

Serve plus Return
Form, Grip, Toss, Placement, Variation of Spin and Speeds

Playing Smart

Physical Conditioning
Efficient and effective court movement. How to to increase balance, generate more power and gain speed.

Tennis Rules

  • Members can pick up the key at the Pool Office when open, otherwise at the Club Office.
  • Player must sign the register.
  • The Tennis Pro is in charge of the Tennis Courts.
  • Acceptable tennis attire must be worn at all times. This includes all dress items specifically designed for tennis. Shirts must be worn at all times. Not Acceptable: T-shirts, jogging attire, gym shorts, walking shorts, undershirts, fishnet shirts, bathing suits, jams and boxer shorts visible beneath tennis shorts. Note: Juniors under sixteen (16) years of age are permitted to wear tennis t-shirts.
  • No person may play on the tennis courts at any time except in flat soled tennis shoes.
  • Courts may be reserved by any player one day in advance with the following provisions and exceptions:
  • The staff person in charge will have complete authority to enforce the rules and to determine whether or not the courts are playable.
  • Trash and litter must not be left on the courts but placed in trash receptacles. Towels should be returned to the receptacles outside the Pro Shop.
  • Members, members’ spouses, eligible children and guests are expected to refrain from abusive language or loud or boisterous conduct in, around and on the tennis courts. Unattended and/or unsupervised children are not
    allowed around the tennis court facilities. Unattended children should be picked up or otherwise attended to immediately after the conclusion of any supervised Club function.
  • Players must not cut across courts to reach their assigned court.

Tennis Lessons

Please call our main office for more information (304) 757-9416.

Tennis Tournaments & Events

Tennis events and information are coming soon.