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Tournaments & Leagues

Men’s Golf League

Embark on a thrilling golfing journey with us as we play 9 holes each week in various engaging formats. Throughout the season, we’ll tally up the points earned, and on the final night, we’ll gather for a fantastic cookout to celebrate and unveil the ultimate point standings.

Cost: $75

Beyond the fairways, this is an excellent opportunity to meet new people who share a passion for golf. Join us for a season filled with camaraderie, laughter, and, of course, a bit of friendly competition.


  • Format: 9 holes per week with various play styles
  • Scoring: Accumulate points throughout the season
  • Grand Finale: Conclude the season with a cookout and final point standings determination
  • Schedule: Played on Thursday nights starting in May from 4:00 – 5:30 pm.
    Make your own group or be paired by the golf staff.

Unleash the golfer in you and enjoy a delightful blend of sport, socializing, and celebration. Tee up for a season of memories on and off the course!

Couples Golf League

Cost: $60 per Couple


  • Format: 9 holes per week using different scramble style formats.
  • Schedule: Played on Sundays in May starting at 3:00 pm.
  • Pairings are made each week by the golf staff.

Ladies Golf League

Cost: $30


  • Format: 9 holes per week using different scramble style formats.
  • Schedule: Played on Wednesdays in May starting at 5:30 pm.
  • Pairings are made each week by the golf staff.

Junior Golf Camp

Unleash the golfing spirit in your young ones with our exciting Junior Golf Camp! Tailored for beginners aged 5 to 12, this three-day experience promises fun-filled golf instruction and team-building activities.

Cost: $100 Members Only


  • Dates: Three consecutive days of golfing excitement
  • Age Group: Tailored for beginning golfers aged 5–10
  • Cost: $100 Members Only

Daily Adventures

  • Night at the Range: Kick off the camp with a night dedicated to mastering swings at the range. Our young golfers will receive personalized instruction to start their golfing journey on the right foot.
  • Chipping/Putting Extravaganza: The second night shifts focus to the delicate art of chipping and putting. Engaging activities and challenges will enhance their skills in these crucial aspects of the game.
  • Golf Course Team Competition: The grand finale unfolds on the golf course, where participants come together for a thrilling team competition. It’s a chance for our junior golfers to showcase their newly acquired skills and bond with their teammates.

Why Join?

Introduction to Golf

This camp serves as the perfect introduction to the game of golf, creating a solid foundation for young enthusiasts.

Team Building

Beyond golfing skills, participants will engage in team-building activities, fostering friendships and a sense of camaraderie.

Professional Instruction

Our experienced instructors will provide expert guidance, ensuring a safe and enjoyable learning environment for young golfers.

Secure your junior golfer’s spot in this unforgettable golfing adventure. Let them discover the joy of the game while building skills and friendships that will last a lifetime!